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Call for contributions from UNESCO Chairs/UNITWIN Networks April – June 2019

UNESCO is initiating an ambitious project on the Futures of Education which aims to generate an agenda for global action and debate on learning and knowledge for the future of humanity and of the planet in a world of increasing complexity, uncertainty, and precariousness.

Within the framework of the project, UNESCO announces a call for contribution of short think pieces from the network of UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs from all disciplines and scholarly areas. In accordance with the requirements, it must be 1000-2000 word original and unpublished think pieces that address one of the topics proposed in the Futures of Education project document enclosed or an issue that cuts across several thematic areas, to be published in a volume in December 2019.  The topics include the future of sustainability; the future of knowledge; the future of learning and teaching; the future of work, skills and competencies; the future of citizenship, democracy and social inclusion; the future of public education; and the future of higher education, research and innovation.

Kindly find enclosed the call for contributions in English and in French, noting that contributions are accepted in the six UN languages, before 28 June 2019.

Call for contributions from UNESCO Chairs – UNITWIN Networks (04 April 2019)