International Sakharov Environmental Institute of Belarusian State University

The participation of a representative of the student body of ISEI BSU in the first Belarusian-Moldavian youth forum in Chisinau.

Student of ISEI BSU Dmitriy Vyrostka, the best commander of the environmental squad of 2017 joined the 20 representatives of Belarus who participated in the first Belarusian-Moldovan youth forum in Chisinau from November 20 to 23, 2019.

The forum brought together representatives of student groups, business, educational institutions of the two countries to communicate in various thematic sections.

Forum participants visited the president’s residence, where they had the opportunity to talk with Moldovan leader Igor Dodon. He talked with the participants of the event on the topic of bilateral relations and friendly relations between peoples, and also wished everyone success in creating a platform for interaction and dialogue between representatives of youth organizations and civil society of the two countries.

The forum ended with the signing of agreements aimed at continuing the development of the students’ team movement, and with an environmental action to plant trees in a park near the Belarusian Embassy in Moldova.

The event contributed to the establishment of joint partnerships in such strategic areas as youth employment as part of student teams at enterprises of Moldova, implementation of social and humanitarian projects, development of bilateral youth entrepreneurship.

A warm welcome, national traditions, new acquaintances, positive emotions … all this remained in the memory of the Belarusian delegates after visiting the forum.