International Sakharov Environmental Institute of Belarusian State University

Dear participants of the 20th International Scientific Conference “Sakharov Readings of 2020: Environmental Problems of the 21st Century”, we inform you that the conference will be held in an online format.


  • The plenary meeting on May 21 from 10 00 will be broadcast at
  • Lists of reports are available at (below, after photos).
  • According to the REGULATION, the participants who prepared the presentation at the conference should join the sectional meeting and make their report within 5-7 minutes in order, which will be determined by the section chairman. The REGULATIONS will be additionally posted shortly on the site.
  • The link to join the breakout sessions will be available on May 21 from 2:00 pm at the address: To connect, you need a computer or laptop, a microphone, a video camera if desired, Google Chrome web browser. Not allowed mobile phone or tablet.
  • Participants who have prepared a poster presentation (poster) must re-register and attach their poster to the registration form. All posters will be further posted on the conference website
  • Organization fees are not charged.
  • Conference Proceedings will be prepared in electronic form.
  • All additional information about the test and other technical details will be posted on the conference website in the near future.