International Sakharov Environmental Institute of Belarusian State University

Visit of Dr. R. Glausch and Dr. J. Schenk to ISEI BSU

On July 27, 2020, professor S.A. Maskevich, director of ISEI BSU had the meeting with Dr.R.Glausch, director of waste management enterprise, member of the International Advisory Board (Bautzen, Federal Republic of Germany) and Dr.Y.Schenk (Federal Republic of Germany). During the meeting, issues and prospects of organizing internships for students and undergraduates of our institute at HLD Umwelt GmbH enterprise were discussed, especially in the current epidemiological conditions. The purpose of the internships at HLD Umwelt GmbH enterprise will be to study international experience in handling industrial and consumer waste. The issues of holding on-line conferences with the participation of German experts on energy efficient technologies and IT technologies in the field of environmental monitoring at ISEI BSU were also considered. The meeting resulted in signing a new cooperation agreement between ISEI BSU and HLD Umwelt GmbH enterprise. The meeting was also attended by V.V.Zhilko, dean of the Faculty of Environmental Monitoring, B.A. Tonkonogov, head of the educational and methodological laboratory of innovative education technologies.