International Sakharov Environmental Institute of Belarusian State University

Student Life

Student Life   The life of ISEI BSU students is interesting and creative. Student Club prepares students for participation in various competitions, festivals, and concert programs. Different celebrations are organized during the year. On the basis of Student Club the following art groups are formed: Dance Studio “Chance”; Club of the Cheerful and Sharp-Witted; Vocal Studio; ISEI BSU Support Group.

        A significant role in the student life of the Institute is played by youth organizations:

  • Primary Organization of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union is the association of initiative and energetic young people of our Institute The organization actively helps everyone to realize their creative potential and realize all kinds of ideas.
  • Primary Student Trade Union Organization is a public organization, which unites students, undergraduates and postgraduates of the Institute and implements the protection of socio-economic rights and legal interests of its members.
  • Guild of Students – the body of student self-government of ISEI BSU.
Miss ISEI BSU 2016 Contest

Miss ISEI BSU 2016 Contest

      Youth organizations implement such projects as the leadership rally of most active members “Avangard”, the school of student initiatives “Think ISEU”, environmental project “Miryane”. During a year, various festive events are organized: “Day of Knowledge”, “Initiation into students”, “Miss and Mister of ISEI BSU” and others.

  Sport club of ISEI BSU jointly with the Department of physical education do a lot of work in order to attract students to regular physical activities, sports, preparation and participation in different sport events, the organization of training process. The tourist club “Ruh” is functioning for ISEI BSU students, as well as sections for mini-football, volleyball, table tennis, aerobics, basketball, and swimming.

     Foreign students of ISEI BSU live in modern comfortable BSU dormitory, located in the Student Village. The dormitory has the rooms of social and cultural use: rooms for project groups, meetings, student self-government, recreation, study, etc.

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